Thursday, May 11, 2017

Once Upon A Thought


I don't know what went wrong. Please don't kill me.

I just got home from a one night school trip.

A must done activity just so you know.

And I... just wanna post something.

Oh and btw, that 'obscure' I just wrote there? I don't really know what corelation it got with any of this but it just get written there.

Here goes...


Sometimes I dream,
I dream to be someone.

Someone so special,
So special that the moon..

The moon would shine for me,

For me alone.

The Oblivious Girl

She walked the shined path,
Shined path by the moon.

The moon has always been,
Always been dear for her.

For her that never knows,
Never knows that the sun..

The sun always shine for her,

For her purpose alone.


Done. I don't know why I post this, I just wanted to. I don't even know what are those. Poems maybe?

Well now that I'm done, I just want to say one last thing for this post.

I really really do not know why I wanted to, I just did.

Never love too much, too hard, too persistent. No pain is beautiful.


For a closer, I'd like to say that I came up with all these unnoticed and if there were to be some similarity, or things along those lines, I can't offer nothing but apologies.

But really, I don't remember ever reading something similar, or maybe I just forgot. Anyways, I've got remedials for math tests tomorrow.

Wish me luck...

See you on the next post... Maybe.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dart Frog - Deathly Beauty

Yum yum yum, is that candy that I'm seeing?


Can I eat it?

Bad idea.


That thing you are seeing, is a frog. A poison dart frog. It is called dart frog since Amerindians first used them to poison the tip of blowdarts.

The colorful skin they have actually indicated the toxic they produce and ward the predators off. Their ability to produce this toxic is also affected by their diet. The species that have great toxicity, derive this from their diet of ants, mites and termites. Others, who have little to none toxic, eat a larger variety of prey.
Generally, these frogs are small in body. They only range from one to two and a half inches.  Although few could grow smaller or bigger than that. Despite their small body, the toxic they produce is one of the most deadliest on Earth. In fact, a 2 inches long golden dart frog could kill 10 grown up men. Worse, their toxic is actually secreted from the surface of their skin. Better be very careful.

Poison dart frogs often found in tropical rainforests, including in Bolivia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Suriname, French Guiana, Peru, Panama, Guyana, Nicaragua, and Hawaii. They are endemic to humid, tropical environment of Central and South America.

They live in subtropical and tropical forests and lands, freshwater marshes, lakes and swamps. They usually live near ground but could also live on trees.

These frogs are actually very caring towards their children. Usually the parents carry their tadpoles and place them somewhere save; beneath leaves or upper reaches of the rainforest trees. They nurse and feed their children invertebrate until they are big or old enough to take care of themselves.

Before mating, the males usually fight over the most prominent roost to call for females, and after mating, the females fight over desirable nests in return. The fertilization of their eggs is done externally, like most fishes do.

Oh, and when you see two frogs clutching each other, similar to the manner most frogs copulate, please don't immediately think of something nasty. Cause they are actually territorial wrestling matches. Gender does not restricting them from being territorial it seems.


Wow, look. I managed to post another assignment, despite the fact that I'm in the middle of the final test. Hope this post will help my scores, even for a bit... just... a little bit.

And, as always, credits of the photos belong to those who take it (certainly not me), I found it on some websites I don't remember anymore. Ah, most of the information above also taken from mostly wikipedia, and some other websites... though I do did some editing and... things...(?)

Anyway, see you.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Better Educational System For The Future

I live in a world and time, where conflicts are everywhere. I’m just lucky enough to live in a place that doesn’t seem to get the impact directly, though I know that my place actually really gets it all. The people around me might also realize it but are too lazy to make a move, or too afraid, or maybe they just don’t care. They might as well oblivious of it. But how can they be? When the world has become so transparent, when news of events spread in seconds, how can they be? They have something else to do, you may say. But do they really? When funny videos, articles, fiction novels have so many viewers, but news about dying people, wars, and major conflicts are foreign to most people. I think it is funny to find most youngsters to know more about uninformative fiction novels then heroes’ biography, to watch more sad dramas then real tragedy. It’s like they are living in their own world, with too much fictional stories going around in their head. But sure, not all youngsters are like that, in fact, I know many that prefer to watch news and informative videos than dramas, ones that prefer to read about history, science and encyclopedia than comics and fiction novels. I know there are many other better youngsters than the ones I know, but all of them are the same, if they do not make any move for the better. Changing yourselves may also change the people around you, but what happen if the bad people are way too many than you? You might be the one to be change, because people tend to follow the trends, the majority. So if by changing myself have such little chance to get things better, I need another way. You see, the future of the world is not only depends on what the adults do right now, but also to what we as the youngsters do, and will do later in the future. And seeing how things are now, I really doubt a better future. We, the youngsters might be a president, doctor, soldier, politician, reporter, lawyer or judge in just few years from now. When that happens, we will be taking control of the world. Either changes it to a better world where our kids and grand kids can live in peace or to make it a living hell for our descendants. Our call. That leads to a way to guarantee a better future, that is, to fix the youngsters. Make each and every one of them as good individuals, one that independent, honest, dependable, smart, willful and hard worker. Make them that and our future might be saved. There are things that affect their personality and traits, some of them may be parent’s teaching, which is very critical in younger age, and schools’ teaching. Children nowadays spend most of their time at school, which mean it is much likely to build their characters at school. But unfortunately, most schools do not take this as important. They focus more on how to make their students smart theoretically, and go to famous collages. This is where I think it goes wrong.

If we can change the educational system, it will be faster to change a lot of students’ personality, traits, and way of thinking. The educational system should be focused on building the students’ character. There is no point on teaching students’ to be smart without character as it will only lead to them destroying the world. Have you seen the bad guys on news? Suspects of bribing, cheating and corrupting in the government? They are all smart people. Really smart, in fact. Too smart that they can do bad things without getting caught, and even if they did, they are still smart enough to avoid the accusation. That is why character is needed. Intelligent is also important, but if it will not be useful, then it will be wasted, if it is used for bad things, it will be our doom. The system should not make the students to compete only on getting scores and points, make them get pressured if they don't score high enough. The pressure though, comes not only from the teacher, but also from the parents and friends, such pressure can triggers the students to get higher scores in bad ways. The most common thing is; cheating. The fact is, cheating already become a culture-like activity in every tests. Letting them continue this trait will only lead to worse actions. If they are brave enough to do such actions from young age, what will happen when they are older? The school shouldn’t be burdening the students with pressure and tasks, rather, encourage them to do better and useful things that will really helps them in the future. Motivating students by fear and the pressure will surely be more effective, but it will not last long, and it can also hurt the students psychologically. As we can see, there are cases of students that gone mad or even do suicide because they fail academically at school.

Other than honesty, independence, and intelligence, students also have to be taught and trained to be more open minded, tolerant, but also critique. Being open minded doesn't mean you have to believe and trust anything people say, rather you will took it to consideration until you know if it is true or not, and good or not. Most regular students at regular schools just take everything the teachers say, few that really checked the validity of the knowledge, maybe even none. The teachers are smart, but humans do and say wrong things sometimes, and that also goes to teachers. So, I think the students shouldn't just say yes to everything the teachers do or say, and the teachers also need to be more open to criticism. You know, there are many teachers that don't like being criticize by their students. if the students' criticisms are wrong, than the teachers may straighten it nicely. As for the students, you have to be polite and treat the teachers with respect, even when you are stating your criticism towards them. Tolerant is also important when you live in a transparent world where you can find countless differences in everyone and everything you see. Big conflicts usually come from small fractions that happen between individuals or even groups that have differences and they can not handle the matter. If everyone have good portion of tolerance, they might just solve the problem without getting their hands dirty.

If the students have to be taught that good, than the teachers also need to be good. Teaching with example will have better result than not. good teachers will produce even better students. Bad teachers will produce even worse students. So, the recruitment of the teachers cannot be taken lightly as they will be the ones to teach the future of the world. Mastering academic study is a fragment of the quality to be a teacher. The government need to make sure that the ones that teach their future are good people, best people if they have to. People should be trained and intensively checked before they can teach so they won't become bad influences to their students. Especially for play groups, kindergarten, and elementary teachers that teaches younger students, as in their age, they tend to imitate what grown ups do, and they learn faster at the time. It also the time the very base personality is built in them. Though, middle school and senior school teachers also need to be good enough to guide students through their puberty, and help them find their goals.

If the educational system managed to do that, and produce better people in body, mind and heart. I think it will certainly give significant changes to our world, in good ways. The sooner the better, and they really need to work it up so that no children would be left behind. Even those who economically, psychologically, or physically disabled. Students with special needs should have a special program. Students with poor background could also have some help. It will, of course, cost very much. But everything needs at least a sacrifice, no? And I think, if many people, if the majority of the people all take one small good step to save the world, then there won't have to be anyone who have to take one too-big-for-one-to-handle step, to change the world.


Anyway, it was just me thinking. Everything I stated up there is honestly comes from my perspective. If you have other perspective, well it's fine. In fact, I would love it if you want to share your thoughts too. and of course I write it here for an assignment, and the teacher said something about this being a contest too, if I reckon right. If anyone got offended from anything I write (though I can't really see anything that can offense people from my writing, but well just in case) I'm sorry and I don't mean it to offend anyone. 

And as always, thank you for taking your time to read this >///<
See you on the next assignment -^-

Friday, January 22, 2016

Conmemoro - Last Holi-boring-day

Well, hello mates!! Been so long since my last post.
Duh, aren't I'm being too friendly here? Whatev, I'll just pretend no one will read this article of mine. I'll be dead of embarrassment otherwise.

Sooo, a new assignment is up and I have to write some things in here to get points. Anyway, since it is not long after a holiday, a new year holiday to be precise, like the same old cultural like tasks, I am currently have to explain a thing or two about my holiday.

In short, my holiday is boring. And might as well be the worst. Or maybe not? Or yea? Oh well. Does it seems like I'm dragging this intro too long? If yes, than congrats! You are correct. I am dragging this as long as I can in order to make points. Fear not. I will eventually spill out why I think my holiday is boring. Or maybe not.
Okay. I'm getting tired of this. I write this from my phone and it's kinda tiring and you just don't know how many times I have reread and edited the past 3 paragraphs. It was full of typos just fyi.
It's all started in 2015. 27 of December. The first official day of my new year holiday, and yea right after I receive my first term's report. I won't tell you the detail but well, just say it is not a good news.
I then, start to write down a schedule for my holiday. I was supposed to join training program of a martial art, having lessons twice a week. I planed to exercise every morning for at least half an hour, and read as many books as I can before the holiday ended. But it proved to be difficult to execute the plans.
The first week of the holiday passed by in a flash. Spent by lying on the bed all day, eating and sleeping. I've already strayed off the plans from the first week. Well that's kind of frustrating now that I think about it.
Gah. The second week was the worst. I had to come to school in the middle of my holi-freakin-day to make up my bad scores. Sucks right? Well, long story short, it took 3 days out of my second week's time. The rest of the week gone exactly like the first week. Bad mood. Though I do went out of the city to escort my grandma back to her house in Bogor. But it was a one day visit only. My family and I reached home late in the evening that day.
The third week was no better. Because apparently I did not pass my test. So I had to come to school yet again to make up the made up scores. Two days before it though, I went to Jakarta and stayed there for a night. The test was held on Friday, mean, I went to Jakarta on Wednesday and reached home by Thursday. The rest of the holiday was a total waste of time since I did not accomplished any of my set targets.
Oh, about the martial art, unfortunately, my father wasn't really into the idea, neither was my mother. As if they'd let their only daughter do some boyish thing. Not to mention that I am their youngest child and all.
Anyway.. albeit most of my holiday was wasted by uncool things, I did get some times to rest and learnt my lessons from the past terms. Though I'm not sure if my future self will do anything about anything. It is proved though. For I-the one who write this-am my future self.
Thx for wasting your time reading my writing:).

It's not as long as I thought it would be, but I guess this will do. See you on my next assignment! ^^

Or maybe not.

Friday, December 18, 2015

A Place To Remember

One of my favorite place to go to when I am in a holiday in Bandung is Ir. Hj. Djuanda Park. There, I can visit Japan and Dutch cave which was left by their country when they ruled over Indonesia. Both of the caves looked old but Dutch cave seems a bit more modern than Japanese one.

To get into the park, you will have to pay fee for each person but it is not too expensive. After paying the fee for the ticket you can park your vehicle and go straight into the park. Near the front gate, you can find a public toilets, and a big map of the park. You can find the way to the Japan and the Dutch cave from the map. There are also playing grounds for children and waterfalls!

You will have to go down the bumpy road to reach the cave. The first cave you will find would be Japan cave. Japan cave has many openings. The main entrance is the biggest one. It is said to be the place where trucks or cars that brought supplies for the soldier to drop by.

The other entrances are medium and small sized, the medium sized entrances are for normal people to walk in. The small sized entrances are for an emergency escape route and ventilation. The air inside the cave is cold and a bit damp. The walls and floors are made from natural rocks without any smoothing done to them.
The Dutch cave is way different then the Japan cave. If the Japan cave has many entrances, the dutch cave only has 2 entrances. The walls and floors are smoothed and the rooms (without any door) are placed accordingly.

To reach the dutch cave however, you will have to walk some more from the japan cave. But rest assure, if you feel too tired or just too lazy to walk, there are people who offer you transportation to the cave in exchange of some money(of course for money, what else could it be for?). And if you are too scared to walk into the cave with no lights, you can rent flashlight near the entrance of the cave. Or maybe you are too scared to walk in alone? Well, there are people who would love to give you accompany and explain you the history of the cave, but of course you will have to pay them for that too.

If the two so called haunted cave are not enough to satisfy you, than you can head to the waterfall and play with water! Though you will need to walk several miles away. But, don't forget that there still so many people that can offer you a ride to your destination faster and easier as long as you don't mind losing some of your money just to get to the waterfall. Sadly, I have never reach the waterfall. I could only walk until I found a big electricity generator that are powered by water. After reaching the generator, my group felt so tired and we came to a decision to just get a ride back home.

Even though I did not reach the waterfall, I am sure the waterfall will be awesome. And I think I am satisfied just by strolling  around the park and looking at the beautiful scenery it has. Going there together with my whole family just add the perfect spices and make it a really lovely moment.

Images credits to: google image

Thursday, December 17, 2015


It was held on the 19th of September, when most of the students in my school are gathering in Bali field. No, it wasn't really held in Bali. It was held in Bandung, by my school, SMAN 3 Bandung, near my school at Bali street. It is an annual art an culture event, and this year event is called Gaarvani. Gamarvani itself has a meaning 'a road to the moon' it is taken from a folks story that tells about the life of Nyai Anteh.

The event was organized by the students of my school, even the first grader are allowed to be the committee. But, you see, I am a busy and a lazy person, so when most of my friends join the committee, I prefer to stay out of it and see the result. From what I can see, it looks like preparing for gamarvani is not easy, and it also cost much. The committee have to search for sponsors, sell things, and something like that. They even made special shirts for each committee member

Long story short, the day the Gamarvani is held came and I already hold a ticket in my pocket. Before the main event begins, there is an opening event where some students from other school and my school wear a traditional clothes and do a parade(I am one of the parade's participant fyi). we walked from my school to Balkot(City hall maybe), and went back to my school with a different route. After the parade, I decided to go to a mall near my school first, seeing as how the show I wanted to watched will be showed late in the afternoon.

There are many performances that featured in the event. The performers are mostly my school's students that join extracurricular. The shows are amazing and the guest stars are unbelievable. maybe that's what makes the event costs so much money. The guest stars are HiVi and Adera who would perform late in the evening, at the end of the events so that the viewers stay until the end of the event.
In gamarvani, there are also so many food stands that sells many variants of foods and drinks, though the price is a bit too much for me, but I guessed it was fine, they all taste great after all.

The event ended later than expected but it was fine. Many of the visitors stay to watch the guest stars and even want more. It was one of the best day i ever had. Actually one of the rarest night I have, where my parents let me stayed so late outside without their company. It was great! Really looking forward to next year's event!

 Pictures credits to @gamarvani instagram




2. A big lizard
5. Lighten up something
9. An I-… is a modern device strongly related to I-Phone
10. Something enjoyable
13. Stationary thing that use ink
14. An annual celebration with rabbits and eggs as its mascot
17. Beans used to make soy sauce
18. Unearthing something
20. Synonym of ‘decomposed’
21. Brown horse-like animal with horn
23. The end of people’s life
26. A word used to link alternatives
27. Unpleasant feeling after doing something wrong/bad
29. Used as the object of a verb or preposition to refer to a female person or animal previously mentioned or easily identified.


1. Synonym of ‘sick’
3. The opposite of answer
4. A playing card with a single spot on it, ranked as the highest card in its suit in most card games.
6. Cloth used to clean the floor
7. Shorten word for cartoon network
8. Synonym for girls (plural)
11. A place full of trees or green region
12. King’s couple
15. Common device used for entertainment using light and sounds
16. A disease that makes a dog go crazy
19. Fake hair
20. An activity where a person is looking at and comprehending the meaning of (written or printed matter) by mentally interpreting the characters or symbols of which it is composed.
22. Antonym of the word ‘off’
24. Carnivore bird that has brown and white as common color
25. Synonym of happiness

28. Synonym of couple

Made by
Khairunnisaa Karnawidjaya
Nabila Rachmasari Putri ( )

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